A sport most played and liked among Malaysian, as such encouraging being part of sport fantastic opportunity, 89 Arena utilised its 20,000 square feet of with 3 Futsal courts. With these courts arrangements through its generosity of space, rest assure players can fully enjoy the game.

Being said that, with sports material professional recommendations, 89 Arena had installed its in house a current modern, 2012, international Sport Court Response Modular Surface flooring. The uniqueness of this flooring can reduce the impact on the knees joint and ankles of players. It also enhances fast movement for players and adds rolling speed to a Futsal ball.

For the past, both ‘The Kota Raja’ and ‘Family’ tournament had utilised 89 Arena’s Futsal courts. It had also been selected as the central region for the Brazil tour programme.

So grab your phones and start calling your friends to start this fun and exciting game. 89 Arena awaits you here!