The Team Duckside and its humble beginning….

Never give up on your dreams and the story of Team Duckside rings true to the statement. When asked about how the team was formed, their answer was with commitment and sacrifices in a given right time. The story begins in the early years of 2010 when they were just ordinary you and me, totally strangers, who happened to share the same passion in paintball and later became buddies from countless paintball sessions.

Timing could not be better as there was a paintball tournament coming their way at that time;hence in order to compete in the paintball tournament, they have to form a team. The name Duckside originated from the words Dark Side that is a term use among the paint ballers to differentiate between rec-baller and speed baller and they had smartly spiced up some fun element into it and named their team as Duckside instead.

Their goal as a team is not about winning the battles but a sense of belonging and having fun together, taking up challenges competing and improving their skills through their commitment in tournaments. In the end, they cherish team spirit.

Being said so, the team has been competing since year 2011 and grew stronger over the years and obtaining few medals. The biggest achievement for the team was when they entered as first timer for Paintball World Cup Asia 2012 winning second seat, making them the first 2013 Asia paintball team to be sponsored by the famous Dye Precision Inc. Company from USA.

Who are they?

Captain : Eric Tai (nickname, Wolveric717)
Manager :  Daniel Thong
Members Team 1 :
Eric Tai – Back / Mid Player #717
Daniel Thong – Back / Mid Player #11
Andy – Back player #18 
Derric Tan – Back/Mid Player #72
Loo Chee Chen – Front/Dorito & Snake Player #90
Danny Chair – Front/Snake Player #9
Johan Shah – Back/Front Player #8
Kim Honcho – Front Player #77
 Members Team 2 :

San – Front Player #9
Alvin FMJ – Front Player #6
Sterz Yap – Front Player #212
Samson knight – Back / Mid Player #420
David Wan – Back player # 13
ST – Mid front player # 30
Tan Hee Hong @ Botak – Back/Snake Player #-0
Ted – Front Player#69
Ryan – Mid Player#27
Ronald – Back Player #23
MK – Back Player#23

 Permanent Guest Players :

Tim Ng – #24 (Raskal)
King Mak – #14 (DRX)

Team Duckside is proud to be able to battle and do their stunts in 89 Arena making it their home base. Their goal is to motivate more people about this awesome game and the fields include you.