All eyes are upon now for this up and coming adrenaline pumping game. It was first played in the USA then slowly worldwide, making its way into Malaysia. It is most suitable for those sport extremist or people that are adventurers who just love to try something new and fun. This game is also highly recommended for any corporate events. 

Paintball is safe and is played outdoors in an open field but due to the unpredictable weather of rain and the sun, not many people can withstand the game in outdoors. Therefore, 89 Arena has successfully constructed an indoor paintball fields to cater such needs, in hope to promote and encourage fellow Malaysian for this awesome game.

A special set of gears and apparels needed as protection for this game and in 89 Arena, Astro Turf field is use ensuring maximum safety for all its paintballers.

Here in this arena, it is also the home base for a group of professional paintballers named Team Duckside. With their guidance and assistance, rests assure players will enjoy the game the fullest.

Wait no more; call your friends and colleagues for the battle awaits you here!