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Hello, boys and girls!

Let’s call it quits to your imaginary combats with your X-Box or Play Station trying to be the hero to save the world. Instead, form your own platoon and command your troops and experience a real battle.

With 89 Arena, you can hold an exciting and memorable birthday party, family gathering or even school outing.

*With Terms and Condition Apply

Paintball juniors

We host paintball for juniors at the age of 16-18 years old. Well, with parents’ consent of course.

We are excellent venue for special events such as birthday party, family gathering or even school outing of any size. As safety is our main priority, children are monitored and carefully supervised during the paintball session. We held such events before and thus far hold an impeccable safety record.

*Procedure before any battle starts:

  1. All children under the age of 18 years old have to fill up a registration form and either parent have to sign a consent letter. This is only necessary for those who are participating in the games.
  2. Next, children will be led by our staff for paintball gears fitting. To ensure safety is not compromise, all children will be carefully inspected.
  3. Once fitting inspection is complete, they will be given a safety briefing conducted by our professional paintballer. Briefing such as how to arm and disarm the marker and correct way to use it; when to barrel sock on/off; when to wear the mask and what are the game rules. Briefing will only end when all children understand the content of the briefing without any question. During the briefing, we will do a final round of field checking to ensure again safety is met.
  4. Battle is near and before the children enter the fields, a reminder announcement will be made on MASK ON, BARREL SOCK OFF and MARKER DISARM. Staff will be there in the field checking all players.
  5. Once this is done and all players are comfortably settled in the field, the games starts with a shout “GAME ON!”



  • Paintball was first played, year 1981 in New Hampshire, USA and now it is getting more and more popular in Asia such as in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Singapore.
  • It is played in team of 5 players or more competing with other teams, eliminating opponents by tagging them with paintballs.
  • Minimum age for this game is 16 years old with parent’s consent.
  • There are NPL, MPOC, ISSC Super Seven, WPPL and other smaller leagues played in Malaysia and the yearly World Cup Asia.
  • Paintball require a marker and a mask. Both are two, “No Go” equipment for all paintball games and with strict conditions.
  • In the game, the referee is called marshal.


Similar to many, paintball game requires special equipment with few safety conditions to follow.
Two basic must have equipment:-

*Paintball Marker or better known sometimes as the Paintball Gun

This is what the game is all about; it is the marker that gives you all the fun. A marker must have a hopper/loader mounted on top of it, which store paint in gelatine capsules. If you have to fall victim to these killers, which most probably you will in the games, do not worry much, the paint is safe as it is made of non-toxic substance and is washable.
The marker comes with a sock like cover, which is call “barrel sock” that covers the end of the barrel for players’ protection. When paintballer is outside of the battlefield, barrel sock must be on at all times.

 *Head Mask or Goggles

This is the utmost important safety gear for any paintballers and a crucial piece of protection compare to the rest of the safety wears in paintball game. It is vital to wear the mask before entering the field where the marshal will shout “MASK ON!”

Other equipment:

Pods for paintballs, Pants and Jerseys, Squeegee/Swab, Elbow/Knee Pads, Glove and Athletic Protection.