About Us

It was passion in sports and games that drove to an idea and from this idea with persuasion, determination and dedication; a group of people formed 89 Arena in April 2012. It is a sport facility which consists of 3 indoor futsal, 2 settings of table tennis, a hall of 30 badminton courts and Asia’s best indoor paintball fields.

89 Arena commits to provide a clean and conducive sport environment for players; impart values of good sportsmanship, team spirit and perseverance and also to promote a healthy lifestyle to all. Upholding their believe “A United Nation Through Sport!”

The facility is potentially safe as it is guarded with security surveillance cameras. It is friendly as well as it has a massive parking space, which is well mobilised. Besides, 89 Arena is design to cater for the changing needs of today players by opening “89 Sport Shop”, providing gears and amenities that are highly demanded.

Upholding what is true, 89 Arena is bringing passion for indoors sports to all its players to greater heights by reaching above and beyond the importance of healthy & active lifestyle together with the most extraordinary sports opportunity.

89 Arena awaits you here!