This is Malaysia’s all-time favourite and most sought-after sport. It is being pursue from a very young age and love by many. Hence, to accommodate such high demand, 89 Arena is proud to present its players 30 high quality badminton courts in its spacious hall.

Seeking the expert’s advice, 89 Arena uses TST Sport and Sport Court anti-slip rubber mat (4.5mm in thickness) on its concrete flooring. With this quality material, it minimise the impact and reduces stress on the player’s knees and legs, giving players a good grip on their footwork thus providing a maximum performance.

The hall is smartly structure to support a well-ventilated hall with temperature of 18-20 Degree Celsius, which is just right for the players. This hall is also equipped with enough lighting giving players the optimum performance and accuracy on their games.

For those who are seeking this sport in greater heights, 89 Arena would like to welcome you to their in house Badminton Academy, KCBA and EXCEL. Both Academies are with a respective coach and personal training can be arranged according to your needs. Here you will gain skills; accuracy; smashing power; agility; flexibility; tactics and intelligence and the know-how of Badminton. Well, who knows, one might be a future coach as a career one day.

So players are you ready to rock the courts?