Klang City Badminton Academy

KCBA is known as Klang City Badminton Academy.  With the Academy, our passion is to train up more professional badminton players with the goal of competing in overseas tournaments and bringing home glory for our country. Badminton is Malaysia’s favourite pastime, and there are thousands of talented young shuttlers across the nation. Many of them harbour the ambition of going professional. But how will they, if no one shows the way? That is what we aim to do with the Academy. Besides developing their skills in badminton on a personal and even national level, our purpose is to expose our players to overseas tournaments regularly. This is because the real state of the sport on a global scale can only be determined when players from every nation compete against each other. At Klang City Badminton Academy, our standard is the world. Competing in the global arena is the way to return sporting glory to Malaysia. We will not stop from pursuing our passion of making this dream a reality.

Vision & Mission

  • produce world class players who will compete in international badminton tournaments by 2020. Starting with the widespread existing interest in the national support of badminton, we organise on a community level to elevate the sport on a national level. 
  • We do not stop at the recreational and personal health benefits of the sport, but we press on to produce players who will compete on the national level in internationally recognised tournaments.

Beliefs & Philosophy

  • we believe that everyone has the potential to become an excellent athlete. We also believe that everyone needs a good coach to realise their full potential. This is why we accept players with open arms and we also emphasise greatly on professional coaching. This has always been our emphasis and will continue to be, as long as we exist. Passing on our skills to the next generation will remain our focus


For more information, please logon at www.kcbc.com.my