Team Duckside in WCA 2012

Lately, Team Duckside had participated their first ever Paintball World Cup Asia 2012, the biggest event in Asia. This year as similar to last was held 3 days (9th – 11th) in Langkawi. Despite their first attempt in WCA, the team did tremendously well securing second seat in Division 3. They have created enormous attention among paintballers in the competition and unexpectedly created many fans of their own.

Their journey begins with the receiving of latest product line by Dye Precision year 2013 mask, marker, rotor, full jersey & pants. Yes, they are Dye sponsored team and with their new gears, they were all so full of joy, ready for the battles ahead.

Onday1&2 (09–10Nov,Fri&Sat) Preliminary Stage:

Team Duckside started the games pretty well, knocking out all 5 teams in the preliminary round making their way to the top 16 list. The preliminary took 2 exhausted days to complete and it was truly fun for the team.

On day 3 (11 Nov, Sun) Top 16:

With the smooth 2 days, set a good start on a third. They have managed to secure position to the top final 8, winning all teams from Australia (Rogue Assassins and Tension) and Malaysia (Armada Shooters) in the Top 16 knock out stage. They were overjoyed knowing that the team performed beyond their expectation and this set them from confidence to determination to succeed to the final.

Top 8:

It was even a greater exhilaration of adrenaline pumping, when they fought hard winning team from the Philippines (Golden Dragons) making their way closer to their goal but it was team Malaysia (CMX Hamoon) which they can never forget. It was a close battle, which took them 5 long agonizing fierce back-to-back rounds of tagging to secure their position in the finals. Indeed, both teams set the spectators at a height of excitement with yelling and cheering till the very end of the battle.

Final Stage:

Team Duckside battle against the region most experienced paintballers from Sabah, Malaysia (East Cost Legion). The team fought hard with their might and they had tried but in the end, the opponents had the upper hand and won the finals making Team Duckside the 1st Runner up.

They had their medals at the podium that night, posed charmingly to the cameras with waves of hands to their fans and lastly ended their tired Sunday with snores on their beds preparing to return home the next day.

They say, everything has its first and Team Duckside has made its first appearance in WCA 2012 a memorable one!


Congratulation once again, Team Duckside.